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Scrap Metal Bin Service

At Orloff Scrap Metals, we understand you might be too busy to come down to our shop to dispose of your metal scraps. As a business that is dedicated to metal scrap recycling and environmental sustainability, we offer scrap metal bin service in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. This way, we can help businesses and industries in the area get rid of metal scrap efficiently. We can provide you with bins and/or containers where you can securely store your metal scrap. Call us for more information.

How It Works

For commercial and industrial customers, Orloff Scrap Metals can place a container or bin at your construction or demolition site. You fill it and we pick it up and bring it back to our yard with no rental fee. Other metal recyclers may charge rental and other fees on these services. Find out more about our bin service by contacting our office. We have different styles of bins for your convenience.

Curious about Our Bins?

Contact us for more information or to take advantage of our services.

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