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Top Market Prices for Your Scrap Metals

Visit our recycling centre today for top dollar for your scrap metals.

Orloff Scrap Metals: Metal Recycling Experts in Winnipeg

Do you have a lot of scrap metal material lying around your property? If you do, bring it to Orloff Scrap Metals. We are a locally-owned and operated scrap metal recycling centre in Winnipeg that pays you top dollar for your ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. Your scrap metal will be sorted here and sent on to foundries for remelt and ultimately recycled to create a new metal product. We believe in providing honest and quality customer service. Bring your scrap metals to our shop that is conveniently located on King Street in Winnipeg.

Business/commercial customers – please see "need
a bin?" below.

types of metals: golden, steel, copper and aluminium

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

When you decide to recycle your scrap, you make a difference to the world. Scrap metals can be recycled and contribute to less pollution and more job opportunities. Most importantly, you get to earn a little extra cash from the junk lying around your property. Some of the metals we accept include:

Scrap steel




Stainless steel

Catalytic converters

Lead/old car batteries

Sell Us Your Scrap Metal

Clean up and make some money at the same time. We pay top dollar!

Parts We Accept

From radiators to batteries, we take a variety of metal parts.

Need a Bin?

We’ll drop off a container for your scrap metal and haul it off when it’s full.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Whether you are a private individual who needs to dispose of old appliances, water tanks, and other metal devices that have outlasted their usefulness or an industrial customer with specialized needs, the experts at Orloff Scrap Metals can provide the solutions and services you want. We cater to business owners, manufacturers, automotive, moving companies, and contractors who need containers or bins on-site for construction or deconstruction. Call or visit our shop in Winnipeg for more information. Our friendly and courteous staff is always ready to give you superior customer care.

house appliances
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